My Sleeping Butterfly

by The Hillinoise

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Contatti Telefonici/Phone’s numbers:
392/3109311 - "RED"
346/1014613 - Gianluca

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released 05 January 2015

Band Members:
Rocco Emanuele "RED" Guglielmi: Guitar
Gianluca Falasca: Drums
Dana Stefanelli: Vocal
Antonio Loscalzo: Bass


released June 18, 2015

Tutte le Tracce sono state scritte da "RED" e arrangiate dai The Hillinʘise.
Tutte le linee di basso sono state scritte e registrate da Antonio Loscalzo.
Tutti i Testi sono stati scritti da Dana Stefanelli.
Il Promo è stato registrato, masterizzato e mixato a Marzo da Christian Lapolla presso l'Electrictown Studio.

All the tracks have been written by "RED" and arranged by the Hillinʘise. All the bass lines have been written and recorded by Antonio Loscalzo. All the lyrics have been written by Dana Stefanelli.The Promo was recorded, ripped and mixed on March by Christian Lapolla's Electrictown Studio



all rights reserved


The Hillinoise Basilicata, Italy

I The Hillinʘise nascono nel 2012 a Potenza ad opera di tre amici, Rocco, Gianluca e
Tonino.Successivamente entra nella band Rossella alla voce,con la quale registrano il primo Ep "Sorriso Plastico" uscito il 05/01/15.Poco prima dell'uscita dell'ep Rossella lascia la band e viene sostituita da Daniela.A marzo Tonino verrà sostituito da Gigi.Il 18/06 è prevista l'uscita di "My Sleeping Butterfly" ... more

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Track Name: Lighter

Your complain tastes like sand
that slides out of your hands
But lure me
discover me
and you'll watch me turning back
Then you'll see my world
and you'll fade away in the moments
But kill me
wake me up
then you'll watch me running

[But I swear to you, father
that I'm breaking out
and I swear to you, mama
that I'm born again with my wings
And I swear to you, my light
that I'm finding you in my empties]

I'll destroy my world
soon I'll let myself fall down
But watch me there
pick me up
let me off so I'm more free
Watching you from on high
now I fly away from my body
But catch me
revalue me
do you feel I'm still myself?

[But I swear to you, father
that I'm flying high
and I swear to you, mama
that I'm not dying for more than once
and I swear you, my light
that I will be lighter to posess you]
Track Name: Nymphetamine

While I'm walking
faces zoom onto me
people talking
no way outside of me

People smiling
They are liars, liars

[It's in me
on my skin
Here he comes, here he comes
Here he comes]

Feeling starving
seeking erotism
I'm not an heartbreaker
I'm just too empty inside

I said I can love
I'm a liar, liar

[It's in me
in my mouth
here he comes, here he comes
Here he comes]

[It's in me
on my skin
on my chest
here he comes, here he comes
It's in me
on my skin
I hear he comes, I hear he comes]

When inside
I'm a liar, liar
Track Name: Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping beauty

Inside I'm alive
and I can hear you
I can feel you
I can get the way you're talking to me
Forever is where I died
but I'm still living
You can't see it
You can't get the way I'm screaming to you

[I'd like to shake a lil
I'd like to touch you a lil
Oh how I'd like to feel the shiver
I'd like to touch]

Right now I can't answer
cause I am sleeping
think I'm dreaming
with my closed eyes I see them giving up on me
You're leaving
I'm listen with my soul
but you can't see me
I'm between you
I'm not in my body anymore

[I'd like to shake a lil
I'd like to touch you a lil
Oh how I'd like to feel the shiver
I'd like to shout]

To touch
To touch you
To touch and shake
with you
To feel the shiver
I'm not able anymore
to whisper
to scream